Beginner Piano Lessons

Beginner Piano Lessons at the Walpole School of Music

Nationally Recognized Program for Children ages K-3 And... YOUR CHILD WILL WANT TO PRACTICE!

The Walpole School of Music has collaborated with Piano Express, a renowned music program created by The Piano Express School in Ashburn, VA, to present an innovative method for group piano lessons. Through this technology-driven approach, we utilize a software-based curriculum that enables our students to progress systematically, mastering one song after another on their musical journey towards success. Under the guidance of our on-site staff, each student receives personalized attention and instruction, ensuring the development of proper techniques and effective learning strategies.

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Benefits of Taking Our Beginner Piano Classes

Ages K-3


We emphasize the importance of proper technical foundation.

Additional focus on fundamentals of music theory, rhythm, note reading, and ear training.

Participate in our optional winter, spring, or summer recitals and showcase your talent.

Join us for one-hour classes at just $200 per month, with the flexibility to start anytime!

Beginner lessons may fill up quickly
so contact us today to arrange your first session!

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