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Walpole Piano Lessons

Piano is the most popular instrument for children, ages 4+. It is a good starting instrument because it tends to be the “most forgiving”, allowing kids to produce a nice sound from the very beginning. The piano is also versatile and you can learn all kinds of styles from our Piano Teachers. No piano at home? No problem! There are many affordable keyboards that will work just fine.

Our Walpole Piano Lessons are comprehensive, and include instruction in all the fundamentals of musicianship, such as theory, rhythm, and note-reading. If you are unsure as to which instrument to start with, our Walpole Piano Lessons will provide a solid foundation for future musical success!

Walpole Violin Lessons

Our Walpole Violin Lessons are perfect for children, ages 5+ and adults who have or want to work on their mind/body connection while creating beauty. The violin is an instrument whose study promotes good coordination, focus, discipline, dexterity, and executive functioning. Our Walpole Violin Lessons are taught by the finest Violin Teachers in the area and lessons take you all the way from Twinkle Little Star through advanced Classical Repertoire. How do you know if our Violin Lessons are right for you or your child? Ask yourself this – Do you or does your child love the sound of the violin? Are you or your child looking to set out on a journey of developing a solid work ethic and mind/body focus? We will help you achieve your goals!

Walpole Guitar Lessons

Our Walpole Guitar Lessons are a great choice for children and adults, ages 6+. Guitar is an instrument that allows you to play your favorite songs in so many styles. Whether it’s country, folk, rock, or classical, we have you covered! Want to learn the chords to “Hotel California” or just how to play “Twinkle”? We will support you in your goals! Our Guitar Teachers can teach both electric and acoustic guitar and lessons include music theory, note-reading, and rhythm. Our Walpole Guitar Lessons will get you jamming in no time!

Did you know that we also offer ukulele lessons for smaller hands?
Kids as young as 4 can start this instrument!

Walpole Voice Lessons

Is your teenager trying to get that star role in the school play? Do you like singing in the shower? Is your child or are you singing all the time? Come join our Walpole Singing Lessons! We’ll teach you genres ranging from musical theater, to jazz, to pop, or opera/classical!

Our Walpole Singing Lessons are suitable for children ages 8+. Whether you are looking to sing in the lead role to You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Mozart arias, or Taylor Swift, we have the Walpole Voice Teacher for you!

Is your child under the age of 8? Why not start off with our piano lessons as an introduction to music first! Piano is great way to introduce the wonders of music.

Walpole Bass Lessons

Every ensemble needs a rhythm section. If your kid digs rhythms and wants to learn how to be the main support of his or her musical ensemble, upright or electric bass might just be the perfect fit! Our Walpole Bass Lessons give kids the tools they need to learn all fundamentals needed to play this cool instrument!

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