Walpole Cello Lessons

Did you know that even kids as young as 5 or 6 can learn the cello? It’s true – We’ll get your child playing his or her first pieces in just a few weeks!

Our Walpole Cello Lessons give kids the tools they need to develop strong focusing skills,  self-directed goal setting abilities, and maximum expressive potential. As your child progresses through our program, he or she will gain increased confidence, clarity of intent, and the ability to play freely and beautifully.

What Does a Weekly Lesson Look Like?

Every week, students come in for 30, 45, or 60 minute classes and meet with our instructor for a one-to-one lesson. We typically start with 30 minute classes for kids under the age of 10 and for those 10+, you can start with 45 or 60 minutes. The longer the lesson, the faster a student’s rate of progress.

How do I Know if My Child is Ready to Start?

A child will get the most out of our program when he/she is ready to interact with our friendly instructors in a calm and relaxed environment. If your child is excited or even curious to begin, that’s already a great first step. Find out about our trial period if you’d like to have an assessment!

Are Walpole School of Music Teachers Professionals?

Our Walpole Cello Instructors have degrees from the best conservatories and music programs in the world. In addition to this, our Walpole Cello Teachers are carefully chosen for their passion for imparting music to the next generation. We know that being a good performer does not automatically make you a good teacher and we hire cello instructors who have a great rapport with kids.

What Will I Learn in My Cello Lessons?

Many parents wonder if their child can start lessons if he or she does not read music. Rest assured – we teach note reading as part of our curriculum! Kids learn the techniques of how to place their fingers in the right patterns on the cello, how to hold the bow, how to produce a beautiful sound, and how to play songs that are fun and exciting. We use the Suzuki Method Cello books. Every new page is an exciting adventure and kids are excited to tackle the next challenge.

Do Students Get to Play in Concerts?

Yes! We hold concerts at the Union Congregational Church in Walpole at 55 Rhoades Avenue twice per year. We also have additional performance opportunities in Lexington at our location at the St. John’s Korean United Methodist Church. Some students also wish to enter competitions and graded examinations. Ask us about this and we can help!

What Happens If I Don't Yet Have an Instrument?

You will need a cello before your first lesson. We highly recommend a local rental program. Contact us for more information!

Walpole Cello Lessons Near Me!

Our school serves East Walpole and the surrounding communities of Sharon, Medfield, Norwood, Wayland, Franklin, Westwood, Canton, and more! We are conveniently located next to Bird Park, very close to Route 1.

How Much Are Your Walpole Cello Lessons?

Our cello lessons are billed monthly so there is no long-term contract. Thirty minute lessons are $196/month, forty-five minute lessons are  $294/month, and sixty minute lessons are $392/month. We are also open all year round and operate on a 48 week calendar!

Walpole Cello Classes
Walpole Cello Class

Not sure if your child is ready for lessons yet? No problem! We Offer a Trial Period so you have very little to lose.

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