Walpole Guitar Lessons

Did you know that kids are starting to learn the once-popular guitar again? It’s true! And kids as young as 8 are learning how to play their favorite songs at our school! This new generation of kids often wants to play Disney or pop tunes from their favorite movies. We can help!

Our Walpole guitar lessons are tailored to every student’s individual learning style. What this means is that our guitar teachers will get to know your child, form a clear weekly plan how to get there, and break all steps into manageable steps.

If learning guitar isn’t enough for you, ask us about songwriting lessons as well!

What Styles of Music Do You Teach?

Whether it’s blues, rock, pop, country, jazz, or folk, we have you covered with our Walpole Guitar Lessons! We also teach both acoustic and electric guitar.

Is My Child Old Enough for Your Walpole Guitar Lessons?

We typically teach children ages 5 and up. If your child is on the younger side, they may wish to start off with ukelele, as it is easier for them to get their hands around the instrument. We offer this possibility and ukelele is also a cheaper option, making it a good choice for families who are not yet sure how their child will respond to music lessons.

Are Walpole School of Music Instructors Professionals?

Our Walpole Guitar Teachers are passionate about music and have invested years in perfecting their craft. Not only are they professional instructors – the great majority are active performers around town. You can often find them gigging around town on various evenings and weekends. Ask and you shall hear!

What Will I Learn in My Guitar Lessons?

In addition to the above styles, you will learn how to read music, play with good rhythm, finger position, and posture, and most important – you’ll play the music you love!

Do Students Get to Perform?

Not only do our students get to perform, but we offer them multiple opportunities around town! Whether it’s at a church, assisted living facility, or for a special event, we make sure that our students have a chance to shine. We never push anyone who isn’t ready, but performing builds confidence and gives kids a wonderful goal to work toward!

What Happens If I Don't Yet Have an Instrument?

No worries! Contact the main office and we can advise you where you can either purchase or rent a decent quality guitar.

Walpole Guitar Lessons Near Me!

Are you looking for Guitar Lessons Near Walpole? We offer Guitar Lessons Near YOU at the Union Congregational Church in East Walpole on 55 Rhoades Avenue! We are literally right next to Bird Park on the North Side.

How Long Are Your Guitar Lessons?

Our Walpole Guitar Lessons are 30, 45, or 60 minutes long. For children and adults over the age of 10, in order to make the most out of our lessons, we recommend 45 or 60 minute sessions.

How Much Are Your Walpole Guitar Lessons?

Our guitar lessons are billed monthly at $196/month for 30 minutes, $294/month for 45 minutes, or $392/month for 60 minutes. It is the same flat rate no matter how many weeks are in the month and we operate on a 48 week calendar per year, should you wish to stay with us throughout the summer.

Walpole Guitar Lessons
Guitar Lessons in Walpole

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