Imagine your son or daughter later this year performing in front of an audience of supportive and nurturing parents, grandparents, and siblings. Imagine the confidence that your child will radiate after his or her first recital. This is what it’s all about!

At the Walpole School of Music, students who take our Walpole Piano Lessons gain important life-skills. Our inspiring instructors give them the tools to develop into confident life-long learners who love music and expression.

Is My Child Old Enough for Piano Lessons?

In order for a child to be ready for piano lessons, he or she must be able to sit still for a period of time. Yet, we know that this kids are not always capable of this, and that’s ok! During the course of a 30 minute lesson, young children often need body breaks or a change of subject, and that it is not always possible for them to focus for the entire duration of the lesson. For children aged 4 or 5, we believe that exposure to music, a friendly teacher, and making music a fun experience are key. As a result, we do not expect instantaneous results for these ages, as the goal is to foster a love of music and a healthy relationship between the student and teacher. We also tailor our materials accordingly and part of the lesson for a young child may involve coloring (with the intention of learning about rhythms and notes), or just exploring the keyboard.

What Qualifications Do Your Piano Teachers Have?

Walpole School of Music piano instructors are carefully chosen for their unique abilities to engage students in ways that keep them interested and inspired. Many of our Walpole Piano Teachers have years of teaching experience and/or degrees and certifications from top music programs around the world. We also know that personality is everything in establishing a good teacher/student relationship, and this is our first criteria in our hiring process.

What Styles Do You Teach in Your Walpole Piano lessons?

We can teach classical, jazz, pop, and any other style you desire to play. In your first piano lesson, we’ll take you or your child through a step-by-step approach, often starting with small songs and melodies. We can also find easy arrangements of your favorite songs that can soon learn to play!

Do You Teach Music Theory?

Absolutely! This is part of our curriculum and is incorporated into our lessons as students advance.

How Long Are Your Piano Lessons?

Our Walpole Piano Lessons are offered in 30, 45, or 60 minute increments. Students, aged 10 and above, are encouraged to take 45 or 60 minute classes so that they make the most out of our instruction.

Do Students Get to Perform?

Students are given multiple opportunities throughout the greater Boston area to perform! In partnership with our sister-school, the Maestro Musicians Academy of Lexington, there are a minimum of 4 recital opportunities offered per year!

I Don't Have a Piano. What Should I Do?

No piano? No problem! We can recommend a keyboard for you to purchase that will serve your family just fine!

Walpole Piano Lessons Near Me!

Have you been looking for Piano Lessons Near Walpole? Our Walpole Piano Lessons are Near You and take place at the Union Congregational Church in East Walpole on 55 Rhoades Avenue, right next to Byrd Park!

What Do Your Walpole Piano Lessons Cost?

Our Walpole Piano Lesson rates are comparable to the competition. Our students are billed on a monthly basis and pay a flat rate no matter how many weeks are in the month. For 30 minutes, the rate is $196 per month. For 45 minutes, it’s $294 per month. For 60 minutes, our rate is $392 per month.

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