Zachary Foster

Zachary Foster, M.M.

Guitarist, Cellist, and Bassist Zachary Foster is a Chicago native cellist, guitarist, and bassist.

He developed an interest in music through family members and friends and has performed in a multitude of
ensembles all over the world. In 2014 Zachary was fortunate to tour with the Blue Lake International Jazz
Ensemble in Denmark, France, and Germany, and toured China in 2018 with Drake University
Jazz Ensemble I. He has also served for two seasons at Music in the Alps in Austria as Festival
Director Assistant and performed on both cello and bass with Bob Arthurs, Nargiza Yusupova,
and Irena Portenko.
Zachary completed his Bachelors of Fine Arts at Drake University in 2018 where he studied
Cello Performance and Music Business with Dr. Ashley Sandor-Sidon. The following fall,
Zachary began his graduate studies at the Boston Conservatory and graduated in 2020 with a
Masters of Cello Performance with Rhonda Rider. Through both undergraduate and graduate
studies Zachary remained active in both bass and guitar, performing in a number of musical
theater, rock and jazz groups in the midwest and northeast.
Priding themself with a diverse studio, Zachary has taught students ages 5 to 75. No matter the
age, intent or abilities of students the objective in lessons is always to set short and long term
goals of achievement in honing technique and developing a musical voice to contribute in every
possible genre.